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The food is very high quality and i believe same owners as Z-One Z-Two and Page Plaza all great diners

had fantastic food and the atmosphere was beautiful with the Tvs the music and the fire place. The service was fantastic overall better than Mikes, andrews and the colonnade as it’s open 24 hours and delivers

Always GREAT food and service

Great food, great services, nice to have a diner that's closer to us for s choice of venue. Good luck and keep up the friendly atmosphere.

we tried a few items which were very good. burger was fresh, cooked just right and the meat was of good quality. Tuna Salad sandwich excellent. Good portion.

Very good food.. The staff was very friendly.. The dinner was inexpensive.. I would definatley recommend this place

Went for breakfast last week. They brought fresh fruit and two mini muffins to the table - complimentary! Eggs were good too Service was a little slow but the place was packed- so a little hectic for the staff. Hopefully they get used to that. Also, I drink tea with honey- no honey. I always give a place 3x before writing them off. Service just needs to step up a bit. Otherwise, I’m going back!


Went last week for breakfast and can't really complain. Food was delicious and exactly what I asked for. Even a complimentary fruit cup, which was very fresh! Will be returning.

We went to the diner tonight for dinner I had hamburger deluxe and it was excellent the service was excellent and attentive and the place was clean we will definitely go back g

Very good food. Service was good. Will be back!

Needs online ordering. Even the best places screw up phone orders.

Real cute spot. Very modern. Food was good. Service on point. The only thing that prevented me from giving it 5 stars was the smell of cigarettes l, I think coming from the door near the bathrooms. Bathrooms btw were super clean. Another plus. Hope they can bring in air filters.

Went to this diner several times at different meal times from breakast to lunch to late at night. The place was immaculate each and every time. The waitresses were on point, very attentive to order details also very gracious. The food arrived timely, hot and delicious. The maitre ‘d came over to ask how everything was. He was also very hospitable. Would highly recommend this diner.

I've eaten in this place several times and the meals as being very nice tonight was no exception. A downside unfortunately is the parking lot which is not their fault they did not design the area. There is one server that I had at breakfast time that sometimes has a bad habit of saying something like "Hi my love". To some people it may be acceptable however it's not really being 100% professional. She really should just be saying mister, Miss, sir or madam. Overall I still recommend this place.

Dinners, Entrees, Sandwiches, Wraps, Wings, Burgers and everything in between is 5- stars all around. Quick delivery time but unfortunately they stop delivering at 9pm, but are open 24 hours for pick up anytime. Ordering from whereyoueat they offer a whopping 15% off making them one of the most affordable diner out of the small selection of options. Only suggestion is to stay just the way you are.